My name is Laurin Brandner. I'm a student living in Switzerland and born on April the 24th in 1994. I've got a passion for developing apps and designing graphics. I also like playing billiard or badminton and riding slalomboard/snowboard. If you have any questions feel free to send me a mail.


Get access to 466 emojis on your mac! Lamoji is an application that lets you easily insert emojis into your text. Use them to make your messages more colorful and more fun!


  • Add emoijs to your text
  • Fast access
  • Lamoji saves your favourite emoji symbols
  • Simple, clean and easy
  • Shortcut: ctrl+cmd+T

Special Thanks


Controlofon is an application that allows you to play your favourite games on your mac using your iPhone or iPod as the controller. Create your own controllers and adapt them to your needs. Because Controlofon is based on wifi technology, you can lean back, relax and play from your chair.


  • Control your favourite game with your iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Works with all game types
  • Create your own controller
  • Modify your controller and its reaction using the options
  • Wireless connection
  • Save your personalised controllers for specific games quickly and easily


  • A mac is required
  • You need to download the free application Controloclient from the Mac App Store to use Controlofon
  • Controlofon may not be compatible with certain games, however while testing we found only one game that didn't work


  • Controlofon works on all Wifi networks that are available. It works best when using a direct network with your mac. You can find instructions for setting this up in the app itself using the help button
  • The options are very important. Please read them carefully

Made in Switzerland.